With an end to summer hurriedly approaching, the beginning of August is an exciting time for many islands of the Caribbean and the Diaspora. Festivals and celebrations for independence are happening across the expanse of the seas. In addition to the incessant drama between Canadian rapper Drake and his American counterpart – Meek Mill, last weekend was alive with Caribana, Crop Over, and Antigua’s Carnival festivities. These events connect the rest of the world with the Caribbean culture and are a glimpse into the our societies and way of life.

Here’s the fun and festive atmosphere of last weekend in pictures!

Antigua Carnival
Location: St. John’s, Antigua, W.I.
Dates: Jul. 24 – Aug. 4

Ten days of nonstop costumes, music, parties and revelry. The events included jouvert, monarch competitions, pageants, and parties. It all culminated with the parade of bands.

Photos Courtesy of Antigua Carnival/Facebook


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