cecile emeke provides a different kind of film experience – one that emphasizes the experience of Black youths through a bird’s-eye view. Her approach to filmmaking casts a conscious, more introspective perspective on the lived reality of those within the black community, in the United Kingdom and abroad.

The British-Jamaican writer and director, who has crowdfunded all of her projects thus far, challenges the boundary box established by a media that does not understand the black experience and therefore misrepresents it. emeke’s work is a collection of memorable, thought-provoking visuals that capture the breadth and honesty of a culture that is not too often expressed in art.

Here are 3 short films/docs/visuals from cecile emeke that you need to experience.

4ackee & saltfish

ackee & saltfish is a short film in which two best friends search London for a restaurant that serves the national dish of Jamaica. Now a web series, ackee & saltfish comically highlights the shared adventures and interactions between two friends – Olivia and Rachel.


strolling is a online documentary series aimed at “connecting the scattered stories of the black Diaspora.” The series takes a stroll with individuals in various cities and countries as they have unfiltered discussions about culture, identity, social and political issues. emeke also launched a French edition of the series, titled flâner.


Created by emeke for Dazed & Confused magazine, Lines is a film that features black women as they explore their interpretations of the lyrics of famous songs. The women in the film chronicle the ways in which the lines of the songs have made an impact on their lives, major or insignificant.


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