Fashion lovers across the globe will be in for a treat this fall, when model, fashion entrepreneur, and Irie Lioness, Winnielle Pereira, launches the inaugural Style Weekend St. Kitts (SWSK). The event officially begins on November 6th and lasts through November 8th, and we are wild with anticipation!


Here are three reasons why we’re excited about SWSK and you should be too.



Caribbean fashion is getting the recognition it deserves this year, through several events like Caribbean Fashion Week, BVI Summer Sizzle, and the recent Caribbean Fashion Spot in MBFWA. We expect SWSK to be no different, as the event will highlight some of St. Kitts’ most talented models, designers, and fashion creatives.

Photo Courtesy of Winnielle Pereira/Facebook

2St. Kitts & Nevis

The neighboring islands have a wealth of history and endless activities to enliven any day, let alone an entire weekend. From exploring and dining on one of the sister islands’ volcano, Mt. Liamuiga, catching a quick tour or sunset on a catamaran, or simply relaxing on the sand at the crystal blue waters’ shore. You’ll never be bored with the myriad of things to do on these islands.

1Winnielle Pereira

How could we be excited about SWSK without being thrilled to see creator and fashion aficionado – Ms. Winnielle Pereira! Winnielle’s warm personality shines through all aspects of her work, and we cannot wait to experience the fashion visionary as she exposes all the styles and flair the Caribbean has to offer. We can’t wait to see the amounts of creativity that will burst onto the shores of St. Kitts.

Photo Courtesy of Bjorn B. Photography via Winnielle Pereira/Facebook



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