Mornings (or evenings, if you like breakfast for dinner) when you wake with a craving for warm, fluffy pancakes – you saunter into the kitchen, grab the flour, a few eggs, some milk, and whip up the batter for one of the tastiest, most filling breakfast recipes. You rifle through the cupboards and the refrigerator for the maple syrup, condensed milk or jam, perhaps. But, what if you could try something else that will add some sweet spice to yummy morning pancakes? Something that just might become a new favorite, that’s also known as nutmeg syrup.

Nutmeg syrup is made from the Grenada nutmeg and has a subtle flavor that will add a little more sunshine to that plate of pancakes. Of course, you may have to import it from the Spice Island or try your hand at making your own, but nothing beats the real thing. So, try it!

Photo Courtesy of Kimber
Photo Courtesy of Kimber


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