The nature island of the Caribbean is home to over 300 rivers, volcanoes, lakes, and a majestic mountainous landscape. Of the Caribbean island nations, Dominica is one of the lesser known but still possesses an intrinsic beauty and a deep, hefty cultural history. Music is an inherent aspect of any culture, and that of Dominica’s is no different.

The music of Dominica is a representation of the vibrant island and a mix of the musical diversity of the entire Caribbean region. Although there is room for the more popular Caribbean genres of soca, calypso, and zouk, Dominica is largely dominated by bouyon. Bouyon (pronounced boo-yon) originated in Dominica in the 1980s as a gumbo pot of modern and traditional Caribbean rhythms and melodies. It has since grown into one of the more popular musical genres of the region.

We found a cool documentary on the genre and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bouyon songs. Have a listen!

6. Bounce It

Artist: Asa Bantan x Edday
Year: 2014

5. Too Many Cooks/Bouncing Batty

Artist: WCK (Windward Caribbean Kulture)
Year: 1997

4. Carnival

Artist: Benz aka Mr. Gwada
Year: 2015

3. Lock De Gate

Artist: Triple Kay ft. Mr. Killa
Year: 2015


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