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4 Dance Channels To Obsess Over


The advent of YouTube has made it easier to enliven a mid-afternoon slump, survive without that all too expensive gym membership, and have intense, late night dance parties. It has also revolutionized the way we interact with other cultures. So much of culture is rooted in movement and expression. For centuries, dance has been used for communication, expression and a platform for creative movement – a symbol of freedom, being unafraid, and simply just having fun, like in those dance parties. We’ve uncovered some of our favorite channels for dancing and/or exercising, of course it’s all a matter of how you look at it!

5Shola K. Roberts

Island: Grenada
Style: Soca

Shola K. Roberts is best known for the SholaBare Experience – a soca dance workshop that is sure to excite and transform. Her Grenadian roots are evident in all of her moves and workshops. She most recently collaborated with Akosua Akoto of ASA! Total Body Conditioning for a soca + afrobeats fusion tour.

4MLM Dancers

Island: Diaspora
Style: Soca

UK based, internationally known dance group – MLM (M.ake L.ife M.agnificent) Dancers – have introduced Socacise – a combination of soca + exercise. It was formed by Tandy Brathwaite, Samantha Bryant, Curmiah Lisette, + Nadine Bryant, all of whom have Caribbean roots ranging from Guyana to St. Lucia. The group infuses a lot of other dance forms into their dance mix, including afrobeats and jazz.

3Jose “Hollywood” Ramos

Island: Puerto Rico
Style: Hip-Hop

Dance has been a part of Hollywood’s existence from his time in Puerto Rico all the way to his experiences in New York City. His edgy choreography has been performed by famed celebrities and graced many a stage. He currently teaches in New York, but you can catch some of his class snippets on his YouTube channel.


Island: Jamaica
Style: Dancehall

Created by professional dancers and friends, Autavia (Tavia) Bailey & Tamara Morrow, Brukwine is a sexy, empowering workout for women everywhere. Inspired by dancehall music and culture, the entire class is conducted in your sexiest pair of shorts + stilettos. The moniker – Brukwine – is a Patois term meaning “break out + wine”.


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