When young people recognize their ability to positively influence the world around them, there is a powerful, resounding effect that results. WE LEAD is a youth based foundation created on the island of Curaçao as a means of uniting the youth and community to build the nation that they envision. The movement focuses on the importance of the social, political, educational and cultural advancement within the island nation.

Founded August 12, 2010 by Curaçaoan entrepreneur, multi-media creative, and activist – Gwendell Mercelina Jr. – WE LEAD participants lend their voices to a number of activities that enhance the Curaçao that they love and live in. They recently participated in the 55 Hours Pole Sitting competition – a charity event hosted by Rotary Club Curaçao and Marro & Lauw in coordination with their fundraising event – 50 Hours Live. Baseball player and youth leader – Ingemar Haime – represented the group during the charity competition.

The foundation will celebrate five years of inspiring, empowering, and impacting their local community this August.

Photos Courtesy of WE LEAD Curaçao


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