Autism (or autism spectrum disorder) is the term given to the group of complex disorders of brain development, commonly classified by communication difficulties, social impairments, and distinct behaviors. For the one in every 68 American children and the tens of millions globally living with autism, it is not a disorder but merely a different way of life – one full of inspiring awe and endless wonder.

For all the discussions surrounding awetism, we seldom hear the voice of the Caribbean parent. The absence of that voice does not mean that they are not experiencing life differently, it only means that their stories have been lost amongst the wealth of other stories that permeate our societies; which has lead to the misunderstanding and lack of awareness about autism within the Caribbean.

Fiona Compton – the creative St. Lucian photographer and designer behind Paradise Prints – chronicles her journey as the parent of a child with awetism living in the Caribbean in an informative yet powerful short film, Dreams of Our Children. In the roughly 9-minute video, Compton shares some of her experiences as mother to her son – Jeriah – while teaching viewers that “autism is not a disability, [but] it is an incredible ability.”

Watch Compton’s inspiring journey below:


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