“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Famous words by designer Yves Saint Laurent that accurately capture the fashion atmosphere right now. And while women have always been celebrated for their one-of-a-kind flair, men too possess a certain poise, confidence, and style that comprise their swagger. Caribbean men have a keen understanding of fashion, style and everything in between. In no particular order, here are 5 of our favorite male personal style Instagrammers.

1. Travis Gumbs

In 2008, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs founded Street Etiquette – a men’s lifestyle site, that has since morphed into a brand and cultural agency. Travis Gumbs brings the Caribbean influence to the brand, hailing from the island of St. Kitts. He fills his Instagram with cool, fresh photographs that chronicle art and his lifestyle.


2. Jean-Jacques Christophe Cardinal Cacique

Haitian born visual creative, Jean Cardi Cacique enjoys expressing himself through art and fashion. He is the founder and director of Kaszik Studio , which is a small studio established in April 2015, that specializes in photography, graphic design, and film recording. He spends his time between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Denmark.


3. Tristan Young

Model, Tristan Young, hails from Trinidad & Tobago. The youngster currently models for The Urban Factory – a jewelry line of semi-precious stone accessories suited for the “stylish gent”. His pictures capture his outfits at day parties, nights out with friends, and long hours on the beaches of his island. His seemingly playful, fun personality shines through his photos and make his social media account an infectious one to follow.


4. Junior Sealy

The mastermind behind the T-shirt brand – Specimen – and the designer showroom and brand – L A B & iD – is Junior Sealy, a Barbadian designer based in Toronto. The budding fashion powerhouse credits his style inspiration to the natural elements that comprise Barbados and make the island unique. Sealy works hard daily to grow his entrepreneurial venture and globally establish his presence in fashion.


5. Eliezer Infante

Founder of the creative lifestyle agency – North of Man – Eliezer Infante is a New York native of Dominican descent. He describes his brand as designed “to visually stimulate.” He uses fashion, styling, and creative photography to enliven the world around him.


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