As beautiful as the islands of the Caribbean are, it is easy to forget that they and the millions of people who reside there are susceptible to the effects of climate change. Higher temperatures, increased hurricane intensity, and rises in sea level all result from global warming and changes in the climate.

An issue that seems to be of little importance, global warming is affecting the entire globe. New research published by Nature Geoscience explains that the rate of melt of the ice shelves of Antarctica could double by 2050, if there is not a major decrease in the current level of greenhouse gas emissions.

An increase in ice shelf melting simply means that by 2100, there will be a massive rise in global sea levels, which is why at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this December, Caribbean leaders will be intent on getting the rest of the world to agree on a 1.5° C max rise, as anything above would have devastating effects on our islands.

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, which coordinates the Caribbean region’s response to climate change, released this informative video detailing what we need to know about climate change in the Caribbean.


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