There’s nothing like bringing your beachside Caribbean roots to the denim of boyfriend jeans, the soft edges of a bright blue, floral dress, or a pastel colored crop top, midriff exposed to the world. Whether bathing in the warm sun or letting your hair kiss the wind while taking photos of yourself in a series of eye-catching outfits,  Instagram is a haven for style inspiration ranging from classically chic to street-savvy whether bathing in the warm sun or tackling a harsh winter. From minimalistic tendencies to fierce beauties, the women behind these accounts encourage a bold, free-spirited confidence that resonates in any outfit. Here are – #filter or #nofilter – 5 stylish Caribbean Instagram fashion bloggers, you may not be following yet, but definitely should.

5Trendy Class

@indizblog chronicles the food and fashion of her life style in Guadeloupe. She is the regional delegate of FEMI – Guadeloupe’s International Film Festival. Her trendy, exotic style reflects both French and Caribbean influences.


4Color Confident

@swesstyleaua is an Aruba-based style editor, stylist, and blogger. Her style is both sophisticated elegance and comfortable. She is not afraid to rock heels or sneakers, and definitely does not shy away from color. She puts her own spin on designer outfit ideas, uses a ton of chunky jewelry, and colorful clothes to match the relaxing Aruban lifestyle.

2Bold + Stylish

@natashaleeds is a fashion blogger in Jamaica. Her crowning glory is just as captivating as her outfit choices. She plays with bold, bright colors, but isn’t afraid to go minimal. From the flirty dresses, to suits, to the ripped jeans – she will not disappoint.


1Young, Fun, + Fabulous

@agirlnamednydia incorporates a captivating, fresh versatility into her style. Her photographs are bright, inviting, and capture “the perks of everyday life” in Puerto Rico. She captures many of her outfits against the natural, Caribbean backdrop, and updates viewers on books she’s currently reading.



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