Chan Pratt has long been revered as one of The Bahamas’ master artists. His artwork depicts the vast, diverse Bahamian culture and island lifestyle. Pratt initially ventured into art as a hobby, after years of pursuing a career in banking. He ultimately decided to pursue art professionally after the urging and advice of fellow artist and friend Eddie Minnis. Without formal training, Pratt followed his innate passion and the teaching of Minnis to further develop his craft. He used the sombre palette knife to create a multiplanar, three-dimensional effect that enlivens his paintings. His unique approach to art and his one-of-a-kind technique, forged his legacy and made him an internationally recognized + respected artist.

Chan Pratt’s work, life, and ideals are now being memorialized through the efforts of his son – Dewitt Chan Pratt – who officially launched the Chan Pratt Foundation this past October. The younger Pratt is ensuring his father’s legacy by empowering and supporting young Bahamian artists who are making profound, creative contributions to the Bahamian and global societies. The foundation encourages young artists to become involved through volunteerism with the foundation or by using its space to host an exhibition. Additionally, the foundation seeks to create a record of Pratt’s work, which have traveled across the islands of the Bahamas, through Canada, and to the White House in Washington, D.C.

In this video, Dewitt Chan Pratt explains his motivation + passion for the Chan Pratt Foundation.

Featured Image Courtesy of Chan Pratt Foundation


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